Greetings -- Welcome to my website, an  internet domain that is All About Me in hopefully the least egocentric way possible. Without dwelling too much on the self-aggrandizing position that artists and musicians of all kinds are forced into, I want to quickly say that you are welcome here anytime to browse the collection of sounds and songs that are the product of my solo and collaborative work from the past few years.  On this very page (unremarkably  titled, "Thoughts"), I'll be posting updates on stuff that I'm working on and things that I'm thinking about it. I want it to feel both private like an adult journal that you've found hidden inside the owner's boxspring and public like the Facebook feed of friends who you do sincerely care about but without all the targeted advertisements and real-time updates about who liked or commented on whatever's who-cares. Speaking of musical updates: I'm leaving town this weekend for the beginning of an on-and-off two-month tour with Really Big Pinecone, wherein we'll be playing alongside the likes of Big Thief, Tall Friend, Anna Altman, and gobbinjr. More info here. That's all for now ok bye.